Protecting the infrastructure of Europe and the people in the European smart cities

InfraStress project

InfraStress addresses cyber-physical (C/P) security of Sensitive Industrial Plants and Sites (SIPS) Critical Infrastructures (CI) and improves resilience and protection capabilities of SIPS exposed to large scale, combined, C/P threats and hazards, and guarantee continuity of operations, while minimizing cascading effects in the infrastructure itself, the environment, other CIs, and citizens in vicinity, at reasonable cost.

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Dr. Milan Tarman

Office of the Government of the

Republic of Slovenia for the Protection

of Classified Information (Slovenia)

"The most exiting aspect is that we are not just theoretical so that InfraStress solutions will be tested on locations, in practice, and in five states (…) What I would suggest for the future is that we continue international and cross-projects collaboration in the next EU research and innovation programs, because as we all know, critical infrastructures will be always challenging security issues."

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Mr. Rui Pestana


Rede Eléctrica Nacional


"InfraStress most interesting impacts include the better awareness of vulnerabilities of critical infrastructures by the defining of complex attack scenarios, the fast detection of physical and cyber intrusions to mitigate the damage to the critical infrastructures and its impact on society, and the 5 pilot demos validating the innovative tools developed by the project."


Mr. Aleksandar Jovanic

 CEO of the European Risk and Resilience Institute and Scientific Coordinator of InfraStress

"The orientation towards resilience is needed because we cannot cover all risks. We cannot come up with the solutions that will prevent and ban all the threats we have around. We have to be sure that if something happens, we will be able to recover, that our infrastructure will recover."