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Days of Corporate Security

InfraStress also part of the major conference "Days of Corporate Security 2021"

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The International Conference "Days of Corporate Security 2021" is a thematic scientific and professional conference of all those facing security risk management issues in today's security environment, with a special focus on corporate and cyber risks in critical/essential infrastructure environments. This conference represents the major scientific and professional event in the region of SE Europe in the field of corporate security and, in particular cyber risks. 


The conference aims to present the latest insights and research findings, examples of good practice, and examples of successful transfer of knowledge into practice, to enable direct contact between theorists and practitioners, and to accelerate the dissemination and to solve current problems in the field of corporate security with particular focus on coordination between physical and cyber processes.

Dr. Lorenzo Sutton, project coordinator of InfraStress, will take privilege and present some best practices of InfraStress in a presentation titled: Resilience best practices in the EU critical infrastructure project – InfraStress.

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