Cyber-physical Threat

Cyber-Physical Threat Intelligence for Critical Infrastructures, Volume 2, delivered on February 2021

Following the success of its first Open Access book on Cyber-Physical Threat Intelligence for Critical Infrastructures 

Security, the ECSCI cluster has joined efforts to publish a second volume, co-coordinated by A. Jovanovic, Director of the Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies Group and  InfraStress technical manager

InfraStress related, chapter contributions are the following: 

- Chapter 1. InfraStress approach on risk modelling of cascading events with live data for decision support 

Authors: Marko Gerbec, Gabriele Giunta

- Chapter 3. Modelling of interdependencies among and InfraStress approach on risk modelling of cascading events with live data for decision support
Authors: Aleksandar Jovanović, Marjan Jelić, P. Klimek

- Chapter 4. Data Visualisation for Situational Awareness in Industrial Critical Infrastructure: an InfraStress Case Study
Authors: Gabriele Giunta, Giuseppe Cammarata, Lorenzo F. Sutton, Piotr Sobonski (UTRC), Jack Boyd, Filippo Leddi, Carina Pamminger 

- Chapter 5. Critical Infrastructures, SIPS and Threat Intelligence: legal and ethical aspects of security research
Authors: Stefano Fantin, Jenny Bergholm

- Chapter 23. Indicator-based assessment of resilience of critical infrastructures: From single indicators to comprehensive “smart” assessment
Authors: A. Jovanović, M. Jelić, B. Caillard, S. Chakravarty

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