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HEK.SI conference

ICS representative presented some of the findings from the INFRASTRESS project at the HEK.SI conference 

April 10, 2020

ICS Ljubljana representative, Žiga Podgoršek, in an e-lecture, presented the aspects of ethical hacker on the technology implemented in smart homes and companies based on IoT devices and used some examples from their own experience gained from the EU INFRASTRESS project and from the experience gained through penetration testing and other projects under the aegis of ICS.
He tried to show how in practice the aforementioned technology is implemented, where its greatest weaknesses are and how to regulate them. We could recognize that quite a few vulnerabilities are caused by incorrect implementation and insufficient knowledge of the network segment by the implementation teams. The biggest mistakes that often happen in practice were shown. He showed the biggest mistakes that often happen in practice, how many maliciously implemented devices freely pop up on the web, waiting for malware to exploit them in one way or another.

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