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The expected results will improve the security and resilience of SIPS by:

Assessing and modelling SIPS assets, vulnerabilities, combined cyber-physical-social risks and threats, thus generating a state-of-the-art knowledge for SIPS CIP in general with focus on SIPS partners
Driving business innovations in critical and sensitive industry and security sector by setting ups and coordinating a Sensitive Industry Protection Stakeholder Group (SIP-SG), involving a number of relevant external user stakeholders beyond the project consortium, and a roadmap for SIPS CIP created by stakeholders.
Accelerating the growth of European security companies in the rapidly growing industrial C/P security markets with our research and innovation results, many of which are applicable to wide range of security applications.
Creating a culture of security and training on our novel approaches to SIPS CIP in MSc and free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) course.  
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