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Pilot 2

DePuy Synthes, Ireland – Medical device manufacturing & supply

Site overview
The plant is based at DePuy Synthes medical device manufacturing site in Ringaskiddy on the shores of Cork harbour, just outside Cork city, on the south coast of Ireland. The site covers a total of 23.5 ha across two buildings, housing approximately 1,000 employees and running 24-7, manufacturing orthopaedic implants for knee, hip and shoulder replacement, which is cornerstone in the orthopaedic supply chain for Johnson & Johnson. Building 2 is also physically adjacent to a pharmaceutical plant (pharma ingredients), operated by Hovione Ltd. The site has a large perimeter area, some of which is open to the sea, and is located near a number of other pharmaceutical plants all within a 3km radius. The manufacturing facility includes a cobalt-chrome (CoCr) foundry for investment casting, manufacturing floor for metal and polymer machining and finishing, metal coating and heat treatments and cleanrooms.
Safeguarding the employees located on-site and at adjacent facilities as well as local environment is the key concern.

The site as well as the neighbouring pharma plant are “Sensitive Industrial Plants” (SIPs) having a number of dangerous industrial processes involving high voltage, high temperature, high pressure and volatile and toxic chemicals: this interdependencies and potential cascading effects will be analysed and assessed during InfraStress.

Expected innovation and InfraStress Added Value
The identified current and future potential threats need integrated hardware and software solutions to detect and address them. InfraStress provides a unique opportunity to explore such solutions with a network of technology and security experts as well as learning from other end-users with shared and different perspectives. DSP expect to improve their to identify and classify a C/P threats in real-time. In essence InfraStress allows DSP to understand the level of resilience required to keep their people, and supply chain safe in the face of “new threats”, also considering cascading effects and interdependencies with the other CIs in the considered area.

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