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Pilot 3

Attilio Carmagnani "AC" SpA, Italy – Coastal chemical storage terminal

Site overview
The terminal covers an area of about 30,000 square meters and includes a set of 31 semi-buried or underground tanks with a total capacity of 26,840 cubic meters. The terminal is connected to Porto Petroli via 3 stainless-steel pipelines and is equipped with trucks and rail loading platforms connected to the main road, highway and railway, allowing easy transportation of goods towards national and international main commercial hubs. The plant is in a densely populated area: for this reason, the relationship with the public entities and local communities is very important.

Expected innovation and InfraStress added value
The introduction of InfraStress CIP solutions will allow the mitigation of cyber threats and physical threats and hazards in the terminal and will enhance the current Risk Assessment tool, SCADA systems and the other safety measures. The InfraStress tools will help
 managers to improve the terminal resilience in the most cost-effective way; the project is strongly in line with the mission of the company.

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