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Pilot 4

Petrol Luka Koper, Slovenia – Petrol storage

Site overview
PETROL represents an important CI in the energy supply sector and shares the same location with Port of Koper (LUKA), which is also another important transport CI. Both companies are also categorized as "upper tier" sites according to the provisions of the
national legislation implementing EU directive 2012/18/EC ("Seveso III"). PETROL site is a consumer oil products (fuels) storage and distribution tank farm situated at the Sermin industrial zone close to city of Koper, where it neighbors the LUKA site. The Terminal Instalacija
Sermin (TIS) is the largest and most modern equipped petroleum storage facility in northern part of Adriatic Sea. It is located between river Rižana, Adriatic Sea and Škocjanski zatok (Natura 2000 site – Special Protected Area). With its 23 aboveground tanks (reservoirs), TIS has a total capacity of 480.000 m3. In 2017, for the first time, TIS have surpassed the 3 million tons throughput of the petroleum products. TIS is in the vicinity of all main transportation paths (sea, railroad and roads) with direct access to the tanker terminal (synergy with Port of Koper), train terminal and state highway (A1). 

Expected innovation and InfraStress Added Value
The expected innovation brought by InfraStress is a decision support system for situational awareness and new technological solution for physical and cyber security detection (i.e. advance video analytic and counter drone systems), to prevent damage, to react earlier to attacks, make efficient decision-making process, successfully mitigate effects of attacks and better reduce threats for cascading effects.


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