Port Security Technologies

Research and development for port security technologies by Tina Bizjak, Luka Koper strategic development department, first published in Slovenian in the July 2020 issue of the internal journal of Luka Koper, Port of Koper.

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The Port of Koper is of national strategic importance, especially from the point of view of the economy and defence, and therefore has the status of a critical infrastructure facility. The port is a protected area consisting of land and sea and represents a logistics hub between sea and land transport routes. In our operations, we are strongly interdependent with other organizations. In addition, an extremely large number of stakeholders participate in this business environment.


Besides the Port of Koper, also Petrol company, the Institute for Corporative Security Studies and the Jožef Stefan Institute are participating in the InfraStress project (Horizon 2020 program), which combines knowledge to ensure the safety of sensitive industrial plants and critical infrastructure. In the area of ​​the Port of Koper and Petrol (berth, pipeline and warehouses), testing of several innovative technologies and applications for ensuring physical and cyber security will be carried out. We will perform a drone detection testing over the port, testing an anomaly detection system from video surveillance footage, a warning system and other similar technologies. The interdependence of the two organizations and the cascading effects in the event of an attack will also be examined. The results of the project will be important for stakeholders, as ensuring the safety of human life and property is the basis for the smooth implementation of port activities. Any attack on the port or its surroundings could affect the operations in the port itself, as well as the local community, the logistics chain, the wider natural environment and the country.