Increasing Situational Awarness

Increasing Situational Awareness with Augmented Reality, how InfraStress partner Holo-Light contributes to enhancing the protection of sensitive industry assets against cyber/physical threats 

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By providing an integrated framework for Europe, InfraStress strives to address the growing complexity in preventing and reacting to potential natural or manmade hazards. 


As an example of a contributor to this growing complexity, the cloud and connected devices create an ever-expanding surface for threats. According to McAfee's recent report, 6 out of 10 IT professionals were witnesses of serious data breaches. This outcome and many others reveal the need to carefully protect industrial IT environments as they are exposed to large scale, cyber-physical threats, and hazards.


The continuity of operations needs to be guaranteed by all means. At the same time, it is essential to minimize cascading effects in the infrastructure itself, the environment, or other critical infrastructure and citizens in the vicinity. And of course: vulnerability needs to be diminished at a reasonable cost.  


InfraStress addresses all these challenges in the form of an integrated framework for European cyber-physical security. The project intends to drive business innovations in the industry and security sector. And creates a basis to accelerate the growth of security companies in the rapidly growing industrial Cyber/Physical security markets. Furthermore, it is about creating a culture of security and training on these new approaches. All of the 27 partners in the consortium have cross-cutting and complementary competences on the project theme.  


By using Augmented Reality and Smart Glasses, Holo-Light, one of the consortium partners, works on a better assessment of these critical scenarios contributing to the overall enhancement of the situational awareness of security operators.


Within the next two years, InfraStress will develop solutions with the technological readiness level TRL4 towards TRL7. The integrated framework contains cyber and physical threat detection in a synergic way, integrated Cyber/Physical Situational Awareness, Threat Intelligence, and an innovative methodology for resilience assessment – all tailored to each site.